Safe Simple Moon


The optimised SafeSurge protocol, made it Safe, Simple & ready to MOON
Join us in this new ERA of DeFi.

What do we have


SAFE to Buy

Buying SafeSurge happens directly in BSC scan with BNB, on Etherscan with ETH and on ArbiScan with Arb Eth.

The buys and sells happen directly in the smart contract itself by writing the contract functions “buy” and “sell” right on the blockchain explorer. This means no additional fees, no need to use a third party integrator. 

For your ease you can use the Surge Swap, no additional fees apply to buy or sell there.

Also our whitepaper is added below



Our tax system is made very SIMPLE

On BSC Buy/Sell tax are the same, both 6%

  • 2% goes to Development
  • 2% goes to Marketing
  • 2% is burned in Surge 

On ETH and ARB Buy/Sell tax are 4%

  • 2% goes to Development
  • 2% goes to Marketing



Set to MOON

We have build this code with great caution and research, we wont go into technical details but because of the set up, we are convinced we are the first that not only makes DeFi easy, but also makes it SAFE again.

That makes us believe we are truly set to moon and be one of the tokens that stays in this space for a very long time. 

The new DeFi era has started…

the Team

The core SafeSurge team are 4 individuals that are already in the Crypto space for a long time. Tired off the extensive amount of ruggs and people that try to farm in the space. 

Once we found the Surge ecosystem, we decided to move fast and invest heavily.

We are building on the SRG20 ecosystem and are honored and proud to be one of the firsts to adopt this protocol and be part of it! We are certain mass adoption will take place and the Surge ecosystem will bring a lot to the crypto space! 

Our CEO Dev 


Our CODE Dev






Building the NEW and inevitable

Why Choose SafeSurge

Fast & Secure

Buying & selling directly in the smart contract.
You can't get it any cleaner, safer and faster


Without bugs

The early bugs are found and rewritten in the code, this makes it a flawless code

A new ERA

What More will we bring?

Our Functional Vaults are Live.
You can now stake your SafeSurge to earn Surge in our Vaults.
Also its possible to stake InfinitySurge for SafeSurge rewards.
We are developed custom SRG20 playable games wich will be available to play very soon.
Because of the Flawless solution, since it creates its own Liquidity in the contract, we are sure that srg20 will be the next GEMs in DeFi world.
No more rugging, the new ERA has come

SafeSurge Vaults

The SafeSurge Vault Functionality in our Dapp is now available, in that way you can put your SafeSurge tokens in your own Safe and earn Surge with them.

We intent to launch partnerships with other Surge protocol tokens, in that way they can use our Vault functionality as well. 

So get ready for a space changing way of investing, no rugs anymore, this is what we are building together. Let’s invest together in the Surge tokens, get Safe investment and stay Safe together!